2016 China Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair eight highlights

yiwu fair

2016 China Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair will be held in May 13th – 16 in the International Expo center. From more than 100 countries and regions of the 1560 companies will bring more than 10 kinds of consumer goods in the import of consumer goods at the entrance of the expo. By then, the exhibition area of 50 thousand square meters, 2100 standard booths will showcase the convergence of global boutique, leading the Chinese consumer theme.

Compared with the previous exhibition, this exhibition highlights imports is more prominent, colorful, dizzying.

One bright spot: build two or three foreign brands to enter the “bridgehead Chinese line”

To Japan to buy toilet cover, to South Korea to buy cosmetics, to Australia to buy milk powder. As residents income increase, the number of domestic middle class is large, strong demand for overseas commodity consumption. Data show that last year China has 100 million people to travel abroad, overseas consumption amounted to 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan.

How to let people do not have to go abroad to buy buy? Last year, President Xi Jinping promised in the Boao forum, the next 5 years, China’s imports of goods will be more than 10 trillion u.. Import Commodities Fair aimed at this big cake, and precise positioning, in the exhibit to strong domestic consumer demand of consumer goods, food as the core characteristic, docking global consumption of resources. At the same time, based on its own characteristics, mainly to the foreign service of small and medium-sized enterprises, second and third line brands.

Outside of the production of small and medium enterprises mostly belong to the two or three line brand consumer goods, good quality, moderate price, but they lack the entry into the Chinese market as a first line brand. Yiwu as the world famous commodity trade, has the radiation national and global commodity sales network and ease of logistics transportation system, can provide a low cost, high efficiency and global exhibition and trade platform for small and medium enterprises in overseas, help them to sell goods to the rest of China, and even around the world. Exhibition was established and market long-term linkage mechanism, efforts to promote foreign second and third line brands to general agent, the general distribution of settled Museum of imported goods, such as the market, gradually formed second and third line brands of foreign agent gathering center, become the brand to enter the Chinese market “bridgehead”.

Highlight two: more than a small minority of countries by the exhibition for the first time to test the water China Market

The exhibition brings together the five continents of the world’s more than 100 countries and regions of 10 thousand kinds of foreign goods, new country, new group priority to attract, fluttering region in Japan, Korea, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia as the focus, taking into account the South America, Africa and other regions, is not only a new British Museum, Museum of the Netherlands, the Russian Museum, Georgia Museum groups, some of the minority countries such as Armenia, Latvia, Moldova, Macedonia, and other is for the first time by Yiwu Import Commodities Fair to test the waters of the Chinese market, will bring local traditional crafts and so on.

The attractiveness of the exhibition is also growing, many foreign government agencies and business associations active butt joint, such as the Hellenic Republic Luo Ben Nebuchadnezzar district government in China authorized representative institutions to take the lead in organizing the Greek Pavilion, chamber of Commerce and industry in Turkey Federation with group exhibit Turkey Pavilion, Kazakhstan Consul General in Shanghai, visited Yiwu docking imported commodities fair to promote their goods, pavilion at higher level, exhibits more abundant.

Highlight three: “Belt and Road Initiative overseas new Chinese debut

Last year imports Expo Japan diapers sold out of stock, this year’s “foreign face” increase, will bring what fresh foreign goods? During the exhibition, there will be a number of countries and regions to carry out the development of new promotional activities, with models show, video and other ways to carry out the first brand.

You can try from imported Australian first animal husbandry fresh milk, or is derived from the French Auvergne Volcano Park high-quality milk, take a look at who the taste is more delicate and pure; also can feel down from Australia as a gift of “first lady” flowers for the ceremony of Bridestowe Lavender pillow, from Italian kitchenware characteristics Yuhua stone non stick pan, and let parents can easily bubble baby optimal drinking temperature for Malaysian children music bottle.

In addition, there are some from the origin of tall brand, such as Tunisia and Alps 2200 meters of NORNA mineral water top olive oil, the Czech Republic the Habsburg crown prince love witness — Ferdinand beer in the world “it is best to eat the honey of Russia, the United States top coffee, Italian sweet macarons, Japan’s new research and development with 312 kinds of fruits and vegetables of the enzyme nutrition food, Kazakhstan chocolate, Portugal Marianne wine, with the features of Muslim dress, Polish fine amber and so on, not to be missed.

Highlight four: a series of National Pavilion Day invite you all to the World Carnival

Listen to the voice of the most Russian style, enjoy the traditional dance of Georgia, watching the world’s merchant cultural tour home. During the exhibition, Malaysia, Australia and other national pavilion day activities will not only bring exotic cultural performances, will also show the panorama of local economy and society, customs, and other specialty products. The galleries are also constantly exciting, can to Kazakhstan Pavilion see ethnic dance show, to India Pavilion appreciate PATA thorn check the graceful beauty, or Qiao Jieya together taste the Italian noble life, to Greece Pavilion travel “there is a place called the Peloponnesian”.

It is worth mentioning that, during the Australian Pavilion Day, will be held at the scene of a “Australian steak cooking friendly”, please customers to feel the taste of Australia cold fresh beef, during which there are Australia


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