2016 7th China international auto supplies exhibition

  • Show time: on July 22, 2016 – July 24 (Friday to Sunday, a total of 3 days)
  • Sourcing Fair address: China import and export commodities fair (Canton fair exhibition hall), Guangzhou city, Guangdong province read river road no. 380 bus routes
  • Related industries: automobile, traffic tools
  • The exhibition cities: Guangdong | Guangzhou
  • Organizer: ya, international exhibition co., LTD., China’s foreign trade Guangzhou exhibition corporation
  • Co-Organizer: sen international exhibition co., LTD

    A. beauty care products

    Car wax, glaze, cleaner, brightening agent, cleaning agent, glass antifoggant, glass repairing adhesive, car paint, paint coating, net carbon deposition, refrigerant, snow, lubricating oil, lubricant, antitrust

    antiwar agent, preservative, synergies, improver, antifreeze, coolant, brake fluid, water tank, leak proof agent, low temperature start agent, adhesive, sealant, putty, water tank, clean cloth

    Chamois leather, sponge, clothing, paint pen.

    B. the car interior trim

    Car seat covers, car seats, sheared sheep cushion, linen cushion, car mat, car floor, steering wheel covers, pillows, cushion for leaning on, glue, cushions, curtains, air discharge, the peach wooden decoration

    Explosion-proof membrane, tissue boxes, mobile phone, spectacle frames, heat preservation pot, key chain, cigarette lighter, thermometer, sun block, the barometer, wind chimes, figurines, armrest boxes, frames, mobile phone, tissue boxes

    The sun etc.

    C. automotive exteriors

    Electrostatic belt, the door rubber, rubber anti-collision, license plate frame, see a light, cold light, your hands stroke prevention membrane, etc

    D. car audio entertainment

    Car TV, car audio, car monitor, car MP3, car VCD, car DVD, car CD, car cassette machine, speakers, amplifier, a receiver, equalizer, subwoofer

    Decoder, car amplifiers, audio wire, etc

    E. communications navigation

    Vehicle navigation, hands-free car, car computer, car phone, car radios, car bluetooth communication, navigation software, GPS receivers, the GSM antenna, GPS active antenna module

    Automotive professional computer power supply, car display device, car charger, vehicle electronic games, GPS integrated application system, etc

    F. automotive safety supplies

    GPS navigation and positioning system, doppler radar warning indicator, reversing radar, rear view system, running recorder, alarm, warning system, flat tire rearview mirror tire pressure monitoring system, camera

    Locks, steering wheel locks, lock, gear wheel lock, central lock, etc

    G. automotive electronic appliances

    Car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaners, inverter power supply, car washing machine, car massagers, cigarette lighter, battery, switch, audio conversion, electronic rectifier, an on-board camera, ballast

    Power distributor, the power converter, xenon lamp, our lights, chargers, etc

    H. energy-saving products

    Automobile economize, economize mirror, etc

    I. the environmental protection products

    Oxygen, air purifier, deodorant, remove taste, light catalyst, perfume, incense, oil, anti-dazzle mirror, etc

    J. outdoor

    Tent, umbrella, box, car roof rack, tire pump, car kit, first aid kit, folding table, folding bed, folding chairs, sleeping bag, a compass

    K. car wheels, tires, oil

    Tyres, tyre, inner tube, rims, wheels, tires, peripheral accessories, vehicle fuel, all kinds of lubricating oil, gear oil, transmission oil, coolant oil, etc.), oil additives, oil-saving products, etc

    L. involving cars and car modification supplies

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