For clothing products procurement agent need to do investigation to understand what to do?

Clothing product is clothing enterprises to provide consumers with service object. Clothing products research, the purpose of this enterprise is to understand the consumer the product quality, performance, design, packaging, service, etc.

Clothing product investigation mainly includes clothing production capacity, clothing entity, clothing packaging, clothing, clothing fashion trend, clothing brand life cycle, and so on. Clothing products survey is to understand the competitors” products, also want to understand consumer market situation, through the investigation and analysis, compare the pros and cons of each point.

(1) clothing production capacity

Clothing production capacity, mainly to understand the sources of the raw materials, garment enterprises of technology and equipment level, fund, personnel quality, and so on and so forth.

(2) clothing entity

Clothing entity survey are various performance of clothing products itself how well the survey. Clothing, there is a special product of the entity, mainly about clothing style, type, color and color collocation, fabric, lining, and between the quality of the material in the situation, production technology, product specifications and practical performance, etc.


(3) packing garments

As people consumption idea change and the increasing competition in clothing market, clothing products packaging is toward adornment, costliness, and three-dimensional direction. To understand this survey mainly sales packaging, industrial packaging, transport packaging, special packaging and product packaging of supplementary investigation, such as trademarks, labels on the packaging, etc.

(4) clothing life cycle

Any products from the start trial production, to market to eliminated by the market, there is a process of birth, growth, maturity and decline, a process known as the product life cycle. Clothing life cycle is divided into its early, growth, maturity and decline four stages.
Clothing life cycle, mainly clothing products with all kinds of real annual sales rate of change and its dynamics, and with obvious clothing products of actual sales growth or decline as the turning point, to distinguish between clothing products in which a phase of its life cycle. And the actual sales, is mainly refers to exclude population, price, the goods are in short supply, general wage adjustment factors affect clothing product sales after sales.

(5) clothing prices

Clothing products into the garment market, must consider the cost and profit. Make clothing products price is not only make up for the meaning of cost and expense, and make a profit, and is closely related to the competition, because price competition is still one of the effective means of market share.
Clothing prices, mainly about clothing product prices and demand elasticity, clothing product price is affected by price policy, clothing product pricing strategy, clothing products price changes after the reaction of consumers and competitors, etc.

(6) fashion trends survey

Fashion trends survey, mainly to understand clothing style, color, fabric, clothing accessories such as trends and changes.
Fashion trends survey in order to predict the future trend of clothing, clothing enterprises can grasp the fashion trends, the brand clothing enterprise production and management will have a major impact.

(7) clothing brand survey

With the transformation of consumer values and buying clothing psychological change, clothing brand has become one of the main factors of consumers to purchase clothing, clothing enterprises in order to create brand-name also at cost price. Therefore, clothing brand market survey is an important work.Clothing brand survey, mainly including clothing brand image, brand awareness, etc.Want to do a good job of clothing products procurement agent, so it is investigating the clothing market in advance.

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