Difference between traditional purchasing mode and new purchase agent mod?

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Purchasing agent as a kind of new material purchasing mode, the characteristics of its cheap, efficient, fast will be overtaken by more enterprises know, becomes the multitudinous enterprise to reduce purchase cost of an alternative

A new type of material purchasing mode

Relative to the current our country most enterprise material purchasing mode, procurement agent is a kind of new procurement mode. It with the traditional mode of supplies the biggest difference is that the purchasing agent to the material purchasing this is separated from the enterprise internal functions, to achieve the procurement of externalization. That is to say, in the procurement agent mode, most companies will not set up special material purchasing department and reserve a large amount of raw material inventory, and the work will be done by a new type of material purchasing agent to complete. This kind of material procurement agent completely independent of the customer unit, but is different from general procurement intermediaries, it is standing on the position of customer, specialize in one type of or related to several types of the materials procurement agent, has its own warehouse and professional distribution team, can timely and accurately after received customer purchase order the goods delivered to customer designated location. The procurement agent through this way of professional procurement and highly efficient material distribution team to replace the procurement department work carried out by the customer, can in their own development at the same time, help customers units to achieve the purpose of reduce the purchasing cost.

Of course, this new type of material purchasing mode to survive and grow, must meet the following three conditions: one is the low price, provided that it supplies you purchase lower price than customers, this is the premise of purchasing agent can exist; Materials provided by the second, good quality, namely quality must conform to the requirements of customers, it is the key to the purchasing agent can exist; Three is integrity, namely all the materials necessary to allow customers to believe in yourself can be sent to the designated place accurately and timely, which is the foundation of the purchasing agent can exist. This purchasing agent requires the enterprise must have a high degree of social responsibility, highly professional distribution team and highly specialized management, depend on efficient management, high quality talent, establish a good social reputation. The problems existing in the

traditional procurement mode

Traditional procurement mode, refers to the enterprise internal set up purchasing department, responsible for purchasing production materials needed for this enterprise to a way of material purchasing. It is one of the most common in our country at present the procurement mode, although the pattern in the commercial secret protection enterprise raw material supply, advantages, and there is no need to worry about integrity, but the cost is very high.
First of all, the daily high overhead cost. Enterprise in order to ensure the supply of materials, it is necessary to set up a special purchasing department, configuration of professional procurement; In order to prevent out of stock, still must build large warehouse, reserve store large amounts of supplies. The procurement department of daily expenses, procurement staff wages and reserve supplies storage cost, etc., is a necessary cost for enterprises.

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