Do clothing wholesale business matters needing attention

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Do clothing wholesale business matters needing attention and the purchasing agent can do for you?

Clothing wholesale business in recent years are not very good, so we should adopt an appropriate business strategy, to run the clothing business, but if a business clothing will not carefully into the erroneous zone, so we should how to avoid it, here are a few considerations clothing wholesale business.

1: don’t do analysis into blindly

A lot of people decided to do clothing wholesale business, is to do up all of a sudden, renting, replenish onr’s stock, opening is very busy. Time is a good thing, but no analysis, no planning is reckless. A small business is his life work, is the need to invest money and energy, so do some basic analysis is necessary before opening. Don’t say more, at least to answer a few questions: where do? What style? What price? Whether you do style, price and place business circle line? What characteristics do you want? Why consumers choose to buy your clothes? If the answers to these basic questions are not clear, I think it is better to go to the market, understand the market and understand the competitors in the future.
This is the very simple reason: in what mountain song. You can’t sell the low area of high-grade goods, because there is a low consumer; You also can’t sell the mature area sportswear, because there is to buy a suit or something like that. To do so is not distinctive, but there is a problem. To make characteristics must also be consistent with the style of whole business circle on the basis of looking for features, not in the category, the target market for the so-called “characteristics” and “difference”, it will backfire.

2: don’t look at the market hard hard work

Now is not a seller’s market, what will you sell anyone want, sell what can sell go out, even though everyone knows this truth but always forget when doing things. Many just begin to do the boss go to the wholesale market purchase only choose oneself to like, and management of goods in yourself is not a basic plan, the results back pin also blame the guests don’t bargain. Consumer recognition is a good thing, I like do not represent the guest must love, we must study yes preferences rather than your preferences.
Clothing wholesale business expert management analysis function can help you avoid this problem effectively, through analyzing the operating data of the past, you can see that the goods are more likely to be approved, may be a hot commodity, your members prefer goods, divided into what goods. Understand the customer’s preferences, replenish onr’s stock is more targeted, sell goods more easily and effectively reduce inventory backlog.

3: lazy

In my contact with these clothes shop owner, he who labors diligently and lazy person. He who labors diligently is diligent, although not be thriving, but always can rise steadily; Lazy person open late, close early, cloudy rain also often do not open the door, it can do a good job in clothing wholesale business? A few months down almost no business, eventually closed.
We found these hardworking shopkeeper itself has a habit of accounting, accounting GongGongZhengZheng, daily cash flow at a glance. Operation after a period of time, by improving the existing management problems, adjust the structure of replenish onr’s stock, for members to carry out the SMS marketing, their business is always to a higher level, more profitable.

4: every paragraph should be profitable

Do clothing wholesale business is to make money, the right one. But also because of this reason do not many, because they want to make money, each style each piece to make money, make money all the time. For clothing stores, sentiment and passenger flow is very important, it often depends on the feeling of customers into the store for the first time, they will continue to feel good and bring popularity, not feeling well after it is hard to come again. Consumers feel is mainly perception of clothes price, good quality price moderate will appeal to them, if the price is higher than they expected a lot they will be lost. In such cases, the clothing store is not necessarily every paragraph should have profit, can take out some money to do specials, attract popularity, this way has a lot of mature clothing store in use, the effect is very good.
Using a professional terms is to classify positioning of their products, we often adopt the pattern classification is: sales of products, profits, attack and image products. As the name suggests, the sales of the product is for sales, their profits go low quantity is big, can bring popularity and passenger flow; Profit products is the main body, their design, quality and price are competitive and can bring profits for clothing stores. Targets around product is aimed at competitors’ products, targeted to hit; Product is a high grade product image, enhance the image and the levels of the clothing store. To simple analysis of their own sales, bosses will be aware of their products, it is an important strategy, business clothing store applied slightly effect is remarkable.

5: the supply of goods are not competitive

Good cheap supply of goods is the foundation of success do clothing wholesale business, found cheap good supply of goods also solved the trouble back at home of the boss, the boss himself can concentrate on sales. Good cheap supply of goods is scarce, not to literally see can find wholesale market, but contrast carefully detailed communication, understanding the concept and actual strength of manufacturer of supply, the management consciousness, etc. Many clothing store owner struggling to earn money without cheap supply of goods, also may be loss, collapse.

Sourcing agent Solution:

  • 1. The purchasing agent fully understand the trend of clothing market, the price. I can give you the best reference analysis.
  • 2. The purchasing agent to supply market have a full understanding, to know which products sell like hot cakes, to know which products belong to high-margin products. All these need purchasing agent to give you the best advice.
  • 3. Lazy for procurement is no problem, we are dedicated to customer service. We are to help you solve problems that you cannot solve or don’t want to.
  • 4. The purchasing agent will give you good advice, which is the large amount of low price product, which belongs to the less profitable products. These must have a good proportion, purchasing maximum let you profit maximization.
  • 5. The purchasing agent familiar with Chinese garment factories, understand China operating conditions of the factory. To ensure the safety of your funds, the yield of the goods and after-sale problems. We represent the interests of the customer, like you came to China in person. Although you didn’t come to China.
  • 6. Clothing purchasing target amount is not small, so choose the purchasing agent for risk control is very necessary. We will give you the best factory price, although you pay additional fees, but the total price is lower than your purchase price alone.

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