Foreigners in China like to buy high copy to show off!

Foreigners in China like to buy high copy to show off!
Although foreign media are often criticized China’s serious fakes, but foreign people in China tourism “honest” on the body, often go to China to those fake concentrated market to buy fake goods, such as the famous “silk street” in Beijing…
After all, China buy counterfeit is not only abnormal price cheap, quality also is pretty good.
However, with the strengthening of China’s efforts in fighting over the past few years, disappointed to find unique to China, this kind of “welfare” is gradually disappear…
But at the same time, they also found a new “welfare” in China!
However, in the “new” to introduce the foreigner eyes before, we might as well to review the first foreign people all like to buy what kind of fake goods in China.
From the United States, now living in shandong weihai Lauren is very like to buy fake goods in China. She said: “to buy fake goods is, in fact, I live in one of the favorite things to do in China, except, of course, fakes, fake food.”
According to her introduction, foreigners buy is handbags, shoes, sportswear, underwear, watches, jewelry, sunglasses and electronic products. Compared with poor quality counterfeits, and some of the good quality, competitive price of fake goods are more popular with them.
Such as:

High copy bags:

High copy shoes:

So, when foreigners what all like fake name brand?
A: LV, prada, hermes, burberry, rolex, adidas, Nike, UGG, tiffany, Cartier, etc famous brand is more imitation.

But knowing that is why fake goods they want to buy?
A: because it is very cheap!
British guy working in Beijing now, William said: as a fake fans, living in Beijing eight years to buy a lot of fake brand-name clothes and shoes, because “too cheap, can’t resist!
Among them, he’s heart yue is in Beijing to buy a fake Paul unlined upper garment. “As I want to buy a sport shirt, Nike store authentic thing to be 400 to 700 yuan. I won’t spend so much money to buy a sport shirt, I’m not the kind of person who make fitness runway. So, I will go to silk street spend 50 to 100 dollars, buy a counterfeit adidas or Nike shirt son – although a few times, they deformation…”
Uncle Sam Steve also said: “I am old, show the market to buy some fake before table and fake designer shoes, but I was the most satisfying tie. 200 dollars bought 10 tie, very cost-effective.”
“Buy fake goods but also because of good quality, with almost the same, really good friends a lot!”
The Swiss guy Jeff, 27, also used to show the market to buy, all sorts of designer shoes (false).
Nike heels really no different, “he said, the key is the quality same. Three years ago, such shoes estimates can only wear a few months, but then the quality is much better than before, and can be worn for a long time.”
He even received acclaim from foreign friends!!!!!!
“Foreign colleagues and friends for me to buy fake shoes quality and price is very surprised. The Swiss generally for fake goods is not too cold, but I bought the shoes is very attractive to them.”
American Steven to go to hunan and Hong Kong to buy a fake, he said Hong Kong is one of the best fake “paradise”.
“These high imitation watches and purses (such as prada) in detail processing is so fine that reached completely copy. I have A few rolex watches A cargo. They each detail processing is very good, so that the jewelry are unable to identify the true and false, it was not until when he opened the watch repair. It’s so incredible!”
Actually, in the face of fake goods more and more high technology in China, even the jewelry designer Nicolas from France had to said: “over the years, the development of Chinese fake goods from simple copy to high precise imitation, quality is very good indeed…”
But if you think the foreigner to buy fake goods just to pursue cheap, you are too overestimate their, because they buy fake goods there is a more important reason: that’s right! Like you, just to show off!
Mentioned the American Steven (Steve40 years old) said: “I actually buy high copy, main is to show that, in order to facilitate exchanges with higher classes. In China, it is very important to show off; whether authentic or replica, if you have something can let your aura more dazzling you are very good. All my friends agree with me, they also chose to do that in the end.”
In addition, there are American friends think buying real gucci bags is a waste of money, it is rude to performance. So, although the Chinese people like to buy quality goods to show off, while americans think buying fakes can “different”… .
Think it’s incredible? But the 46-year-old chinese-american Joseph said it really exists!
He said: “I’ve known a aboard a private jet to the CEO of large American companies in China. He is not interested to buy the real thing, but around China fake goods market as an important link in stroke. Buy a real rolex or gucci bag will make him look very vanity, but it is ok to buy a fake goods to show off to friends. You know, everywhere can buy quality goods in the United States, it is difficult to buy fake goods, so we just interested in fake so.”
However, in spite of the foreigners are eager to buy fake goods, China is now the magnitude of the impact is bigger and bigger…
Before January 1, for example, apple executive Matthew Bassiur is alibaba group invited specialized responsible for fraud, and before because fake’s beleaguered xiushui street and yaxiu stores such as market has begun to take various measures to crack down on fake goods, for sale, fraud to repel, the introduction of multiple domestic Chinese brands at the same time.
Closed upgraded since 2014, reopened, show has been basically eliminated low-end merchants, comprehensive implementation to the transformation of high end…
But while foreigners find that unique to China, have “counterfeit” didn’t, but their depressed mood will soon be offset by – because, domestic huge impact wave, but also to make a batch of cost-effective domestic brands rise rapidly, more and more foreigners began to favor authentic goods, from the fake goods to domestic goods for amway!!!!!!
Switzerland that Jeff said: “I used a fake name brand shoes, but now I began to like China’s domestic shoes. Leap is my favorite brand, because it is of good quality and cheaper prices. More importantly, unique design, there are not many people wear it in western countries. Walk the streets wearing it in Switzerland is very fashion, many people have asked me where to buy ~ ~”
In addition to the domestic brand, Jeff also like some of China’s electronic products. “Technology is good, also very fashionable. They can inspire me a lot of new ideas, have a very good product.”
William is now in the UK are not to buy fake goods, he started to buy discount domestic sportswear (such as li ning) : “half they are cheaper than foreign brands, but the quality is as good as.”
In addition, like the Chinese domestic William, also found a strong “a treasure” : “now through taobao is very convenient, we can buy some good quality of chinese-made goods. They are much cheaper than the United States and Japan brand, but the same quality. What’s more, I bought or the real thing, can enjoy after-sales.”
The American Steven also said: “I like a lot of domestic goods, such as domestic motorcycle, electric cars. With the light of this car has been a year, I ride it every day. It’s great, powerful. And a lot of friends like the sound of its appearance and the whirr of. Very cool!”

So, now the foreign people like to buy amway China local brand?
A: huawei, lenovo and so on (electronic technology products); Leap, li ning, anta, camel, septwolves (shoes clothes); The light (motorcycle); Haier, midea, etc (home appliances); Byd, fukuda (car).
In the end, we also want to share my feelings about Jeff and William two people a little:
Jeff: “in fact Chinese fake shoes quality is very high. I always can’t imagine why they don’t build a brand. If not Nike, I will also buy.”
William: “a lot of foreigners in the old show market closing time was very sad, but with the rise of domestic brands, China’s fake goods market will eventually die.”
So, in China, please continue to come on transformation, thoroughly and fake superpower said “goodbye”!

Conclusion: why there are the existence of this phenomenon?
First : “Fake” quality is to do better than before, technology is more and more sophisticated, the quality is almost equivalent to the real thing.

Second: “fake” is only one half price of the real thing, some even more, this huge price advantage, it is also one of the reasons of the existence of “fake”.

In addition, Chinese people like to buy the real thing is to show off, buy high copy is for the sake of vanity. Foreigners on the contrary, foreigners like to buy high copy is to show off, foreigners think that buy the real thing is vanity. Strange cultural differences, a strange phenomenon. As China’s manufacturing 2.0 upgrade, China’s product quality is getting better and better, at the same time brand consciousness gradually strengthened, all with a look to Europe and the United States.

We need to seriously to understand the needs of the customer, the customer need the real thing, you must provide the real thing. Authenticity is fundamental guarantee of quality, brand and reputation. For the “fake” tacit approval of the customer, in some ways the cognition to the price more love, so in case the quality can be guaranteed, they are willing to accept. Again, high risk means high returns. On the premise of no one to help confirm the quality of the products, the risk is very big.

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