How to Import Jewelry Accessories from China

How to Import Jewelry Accessories from China

From few months ago, lots of customers inquired us to help them import jewelry accessories from China through emails. Because they think this product nitch is pretty promising with its advantages of high value, small volume, low shipping cost and high profit. But few of them have enough experience in this area.

Three Main Producing Areas of Jewelry Accessories in China

Guangzhou, Yiwu and Qingdao are the three main producing areas of China’s jewelry accessories. No matter you are purchasing by any ways, the suppliers are all from these three cities. Each of them has their own characteristics.

a. Guangzhou-Best Quality and Most Specialized City of China’s Jewelry Accessories

Jewelry industry in Guangzhou was leaded up from Hong Kong, as their position are very close. So Guangzhou’s jewelry styles and designs are the most innovative and closest to international fashion trend. Jewelry businessmen from Yiwu usually visit Guangzhou to buy some new styles, then produce accordingly. The maturity of Guangzhou’s jewelry industry makes its quality higher than other cities.
But the MOQ of Guangzhou’s suppliers are normally higher, which means Guangzhou is not suitable for small-quantity importers (hundreds units of one item). Except you are their old customer, they may help to do some occasional small orders.
You can find lots of jewelry wholesale markets in Guangzhou, such as Xijiao Building, Liwan Plaza, and Market of South-China International Little Commodities.Xijiao Building is located near Guangzhou train station, most of products inside are with high quality and price. If you are interested in high-level jewelries, you cannot miss this market. The main products in Liwan Plaza are crystal and jade products. Market of South-China International Little Commodities is an omnibus market with abundance suppliers.

b. Yiwu- Low Price, Best Choice for Small Jewelry Accessories Importers

There are three main way to find jewelry suppliers in Yiwu, by my experience:
Visit District 1 of Yiwu Wholesale Market, or Xingzhong Area (兴中小区);
Search jewelry factories/trading companies from Yiwu, Jinhua on Alibaba;
Visit Yiwu Fair which is held at Oct. 21st-25th every year.

The advantage of Yiwu’s jewelry products are rich and varied styles and quality, lower price than Guangzhou jewelry. And purchasing from Yiwu market is more convenient. Meanwhile its disadvantages are: suppliers’ holistic level is lower than Guangzhou, most styles and designs are imitative, products with distressed prices are in bad quality.
A lot of people think Yiwu jewelry’s quality is poor, but it’s not true. Here you can buy the jewelry product with world’s lowest price, but you can still find factories and trading companies who are doing OEM/ODM orders for learge European and US fashion brands.

c. Qingdao-Major Production Place of Korean Style Jewelry

Qingdao is situated in the northeast of China, which means it’s very close to Korea. Lots of Korean jewelry companies were attracted to establish factories there, hence the major product is Korean style jewelry, and the quality is normally high.
Jewelry wholesale market also can be found in Qingdao, the most popular two among them are Sino-Korea International Commodities market and Jimo Small Commodities market.

What Kind of Compliance Is Needed for Importing Jewelry from China?

Compliance test is very important when importing jewelry accessories from China as most countries and areas have their own regulates for imported jewelry. So the test report is necessary for them.
High-end customers from Europe and US normally have cooperated Chinese testing company (such as SGS branch company in China), their suppliers need to send samples and materials to testing company before shipping. Test report is sent to customer directly by testing company, in case any fake reports made by suppliers.
Most jewelry products are touching skin, and its test can be divided into two parts: physical test and chemical test. Physical test includes: color fastness, tensile test, sharp point and edges, etc. Chemical test are mainly check the content and thickness of hazardous chemical substances such as lead, cadmium, nickel. Right picture shows the content standards of hazardous chemical substances in major countries.

How to Ship Your Jewelry Products When Import from China?

Most widely-used shipping way of jewelry accessories is international express, because jewelry’s characteristics of rapid updating, small volume, and high requirement in timeliness. But there still are some large-quantity importers prefer using LCL sea shipping, as their total volume of one order is biggish. In order to catch the jewelry seasonal fashion, they will place the order few months earlier to offset the long-time in sea shipping.
But when you are purchasing low-value jewelry accessories, the express shipping cost will far exceed the product value. In this situation, I suggest you to purchase as more as you can in one order, at least the total volume can reach LCL sea shipping’s minimum volume standard. Only in this way you can low your cost.



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