how to position and act the purchasing agent role?

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All intermediaries for consumers are purchasing agent, how to position and act the purchasing agent role?

A few years ago, I have some retailers provide the “guest book” on the left his ideas, such as “I wish I could buy a lollipop soft handle, with yi sugar materials is better, because it can avoid the child in the fall” by the stiff stalk of lollipop, “I don”t hope to have flip seasoning box, press type or able to control the dose, lest sour seasoning it is exposed to air for a long time”, “I hope that in the kitchen appliances (such as seasoning box) on the design of the alarm clock function, was cooking in the kitchen and sitting room between running trouble”. In the guest book have left their contact way at the same time, expect the businessman after purchasing such products to let us know.A few years later, these wishes are not true, I didn”t even receive a retailer”s reply. Later asked some friend who works at a retail store: “how do you deal with the customer”s information, especially the demand information?” Answer yue: “sometimes the meeting, will reflect some memorable requirements, customer requirements are mostly don”t remember. Rarely asked these executives.” Alas, I am a ordinary consumers desire cannot be met.
I know there are many consumers like me, after the demand is proposed and has long been ignored become numb, day after day, year after year to purchase the goods are not satisfied, they have lost communication with the merchants of enthusiasm and confidence. Although today”s businessmen all with “the customer is supreme” as the slogan, but the real focus on changes in consumers” demand for the unremitting efforts of businesses and how many?


First, role fuzzy, retailers

Retailers as consumers “purchasing agent”, has important to satisfy consumer, the action of economic prosperity. Rorschach of London department store has more than one hundred years history, once said: what customers need, what we can provide goods and services, it has been in constant efforts to realize his promise: goods and services provided by the constant innovation. The customer from consumption is not only a commodity, more requirements are meet the comfort and convenience, difficult to be solved.

 Second, retailers “information bridge” role play

Retailer is not only the consumers “purchasing agent”, is the production enterprise to understand market “probe”, it to consumers and manufacturers set up information communication platform. Many manufacturing enterprises to long-term development, better meet the market demand, for retailers to put forward a complete to collect customer information requirements and provide the corresponding funds, many attaches great importance to the quality of life of enthusiastic customers also hope to make good use of this communication platform. Unfortunately, most of the retailers to customers advice indifference in even no opinion processing department, service personnel are not trained or request. Eventually even if there is some information feedback to suppliers, also are often fragmented, and lack of system and integrity.
Third, the purchase of goods is inaccurate

Retailers in the purchase of goods there are a series of problems, in addition to their short-term profit as the center to choose goods and other fees, most retailers are to buy stock in many commodities. From which we can analyze the following questions. First, the retailers to sell goods a lack of confidence, in order to reduce the management risk request each other to provide return service; Second, not to buy stock purchase price rise, lead to the rise in the price of final sales, weaken the competitiveness of the retailers, consumer shopping costs also increased; Third, the buyout purchase cement disadvantage to improve relations with suppliers. No matter which one of these ways, the consumer is likely to benefit from it.
Fourth, ignore the development of private brand

Own brand development is extremely important for retailers: average consumers to purchase products retailers own brand can reduce the cost of 25%; Retailers will produce 23% of the card cost can be to your profit space, at the same time with their own brand shaping its operating characteristics; Guide to buy with the retailer””s credit support, and rejection of counterfeit goods, benefit consumers. Investigate its reason, retailers lack keenly capture consciousness and innovation ability of market demand, combined with current supplier dependence on retailers make retailers have sit here “money” on his idea. In the long term, we can imagine, the degree of consumer needs are not being met will be growing.
Retailers on the problems existing in the management of many, such as due to didn”t like the western developed countries through the mature development path due to the positioning of the formats of fuzzy, lack of features, malignant competition, lack of their own core competitiveness make the wrong location, blind expansion, do big to do strong, new product import and eliminating old product special lack of standardization, lack of artistic quality and humanized design, etc., they are direct impact on the retailer”s performance and consumer”s consumption quality. Market urgently need a retailer on the basis of learning from foreign advanced enterprise, strengthen the service consciousness, establish the management characteristic, better communication with customers, truly become a production enterprise of “head” of the market and consumers “purchasing agent”, promote the rapid development of economy.

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