Most of the fake goods in the United States from China

The U.S. department of homeland security recently released a report, according to a report in the United States most of the fake goods from China, the authorities launched an investigation. By understanding that U.S. customs in the inspection of goods last year, a total of more than 28000 seized to counterfeit products, including most of the counterfeit goods come from China Hong Kong and mainland China. According to the U.S. customs and border protection (CPB) in fiscal 2015 seizure of counterfeit products, according to the relevant data of the following is the most often a few kinds is the shipping inspection of goods:

1, clothing/accessories

Clothing and accessories is one of the biggest fake goods category, seized more than 21% the number of times. High-end clothing high profits, so profitable. Want to buy high-end clothing’s desire to promote the development of the counterfeit market.

2, consumer electronics products

Consumer electronics goods seized more than 17% the number of times, the goods seized a total of more than $1300, about 10% of the total value seized goods.
Many American consumers want to buy the latest product, so to some extent, to stimulate the purchase and sell fake electronic products. Many consumers can easily become the victim.

3, shoes

Number of shoes seized more than 10%, last year the number of counterfeit shoes seized more than 28000 times, from the previous year increased two times more likely to be seized. Many shoe manufacturers to take the action to crack down on fake goods, such as Nike shoes in their added many hidden details.

4, watch/jewellery

Number of watches seized more than 10% in 2015, seized watches/jewelry price accounts for 45% of the total value of the seized goods, accounted for most. And other luxury goods, watches and jewelry are easy to counterfeit and infringement. Fake jewelry and watches has become a key problem in the industry, federation of the Swiss watch industry anti-counterfeiting activities every year.

5, medicines, and personal care products

Globally, the drug is one of the most often fake commodities, seized more than 8% number. Limited supply, because of the large demand quality medicines, and the price is high, so sell fake drugs is very profitable for criminals. A lot of fake products, at the same time also has a lot of quality goods. Drug patent infringement is one of the focus in the United States.

6, the handbag/wallet

Seized handbags and purses value accounts for 15% of the total value of the seized goods, seized number accounts for 7%. The price of some handbags tens of thousands of dollars, high-end handbags market. China had more Gucci Coach handbags and fake goods.

7, optical media

Optical media including games, DVD, CD, and other products seized 5%, seized goods price rose from $2014 in 1.88 million to $2015 in 3.25 million.

8, computer/electronic accessories

Number of computer/electronic parts seized accounted for 3%. Many fake products might be for military systems and equipment, so all the counterfeit products not only hurt the economy, also is against American national security. Selling fake computer accessories of profit is very high, and in recent years the United States military weapons found in the fake computer parts.

9, counterfeit CARDS and labels

Number of counterfeit CARDS and labels seized accounted for 2%. Counterfeit goods need to stick a card and labels. Counterfeit CARDS and labels on the clothing is not included. Seized these CARDS and labels including woven lable, stickers and metal label, is often used in branded apparel, handbags, shoes, electronic products and software, etc.

####When you met fake products, how should you avoid?
The only answer, you need to Risk control
we provide Risk control service,we could help you Maximum control your risk.

True Identity Verification Services

*Verify suppliers true identity
*Verify its bank account
*Verify its phone number
*Business license English translation
*Contact person ID card English translation
Every one knows that China is the world factory; there are so many good quality products with good price in China that you can find in Internet, but be careful, there are so many frauds also in China . You can search “scam” in Alibaba community that  many foreign buyers were scammed and lost lots of money !
Sourcing Helper is the leading mail forwarding services provider in China , we got many help requests from our members that wish to help them verify the true identity of their suppliers. That is why our value-added service True Identity Verification comes out . .
It helps you verify the true identity of your partner in China before ordering, IV service verified your partner:
(1) is a legal registered company in China ;
(2) has a current and active demand deposit bank account in China ;
(3) the phone number belongs to this company;
(4) the contact person is a employee of your partner that is responsible for communicating with you.

On-site inspection services

* investigate your suppliers production capacity
* check product quality, to ensure the specification in accordance with the law
* to ensure that the goods are actually be shipped and loaded into the container
* provide a standards-based inspection report
* like you come to China to save your cost and time greatly
We know that there are many obstacles to order from China successfully as a foreigner/foreign company, so we design a lot of value-added services to our members.
On-site inspection services (OI) is designed to solve the obstacles in the long journey to China, language and cultural differences. There are two types of OI services:
(1) the factory ability test (FAI) to conduct a comprehensive ability to check your product manufacturers/suppliers, including area, qualified personnel, machinery, production process and the capacity and quality control systems, medical and fire emergency facilities, etc. Based on the factory audit report, you can ensure that the factory whether meet your requirements. If you need the sample, and we will ship to you.
(2) the ship loading test (SLI) is to ensure that the product is actually being shipped to quantity, quality, trademark, logo, etc. Applicability of container inspection and cleaning and proper packing and loaded into the container. If you need a sample random pickup of shipping, and we will ship to you.
OI service is like  you come to China, greatly save your time and money in the factory! We will send a site inspection report to you. OI service is very important, if you order from the new supplier or order a large number of products.
OI service needs to be 1 to 5 working days according to the position of your suppliers; You should submit a service request OI.

Payment Control services

Money to collect on delivery
We have received your order before payment
Check the goods before payment
To solve this problem, supplier do not accept credit CARDS
Safer than paying in advance
We know that there are many obstacles to order from China successfully as a foreigner/foreign company, so we design a lot of value-added services to our members.
Payment Control services, the transaction of goods in full pay cash or certified check immediately when they receive the buyer. But all Chinese suppliers don””t accept international business, so we design the cod service our members, for your order of may in China.
Small volume order or sample order, you can ask your China supply merchant sample or for our goods, we will check the quantity of the goods and pay money to you when we receive your package. It is more security than payment in advance.
Most of the suppliers accept this payment mode when the goods shipped to domestic buyers. If the supplier does not accept the domestic cod, and then we can use pay treasure to third party payment service, all suppliers to accept it. If your supplier does not accept the third party payment, and then you have to be careful.
This service has solved the problem, your Chinese supplier does not accept international credit card or wire transfer, we can pay RMB supply on your behalf.
You should submit your cod service request to us, and to ensure that your account have enough savings to pay for the product cost and our service. You should put the freight to your account in our ship your order.
Please notice:
(1) For safety reason, we request that add funds to your account MUST wire transfer to our HSBC Hong Kong bank account.
(2) We use Bank Of China website “Buying Rate” for RMB Yuan to US Dollar or other foreign currency.
(3) If you ask for prepay to your supplier before the goods come to our warehouse, then you must bear the related risk.

Logistics & Customs Declaration

When you have several suppliers in China, you can send the goods to our warehouse, we send you a unified, so save your shipping and reduce the number of your declaration, reduce tariffs.
The two most important considerations are the safety of goods and the most rapid arrival of goods.
We will choose the cheapest transport channels, to help customers save freight.

legal aid service

When you find that the quality of goods is too poor, or that the supplier is not in the quantity of goods, or that the supplier does not deliver the goods in accordance with the prescribed time limit. Please contact us at this time, we will provide you with legal aid services. We have two professional lawyers who are proficient in Chinese law and can help you recover the losses.We verify the situation, if it is true, you can report to the local public security organs and trade and industry bureau.And help you to collect relevant evidence, to court proceedings.

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