necessary for need purchasing agent?

The necessary for purchasing agents, why do you need a purchasing agent?

China is a great country, it is super low price and high quality product source, all the major electronics manufacturers use Chinese parts and components.At the same time, China has a lot of low quality products and a growing number of telecommunications fraud. Do you know the difference?Here are a few things that will cause you to be on your guard when you are looking for a Chinese supplier:

Payment: Western Union or money gram? Not a good choice?

Address of the office – living address? Bad choice

The telephone number, mobile phone number, not a good choice?

Bank account, individual, is not the company commercial bank account? Bad choice

E-mail address – no company e-mail? Bad choice

How important it is to understand the problem of network fraud, so what can you do to protect yourself from fraud is also great?

I would like to say is that the Google search “China fraud” will return the results of 14 million 800 thousand.

While many websites offer valuable advice to protect themselves from online fraud. There are black lists and special forums, which will help you not to repeat the mistakes of others. However, these can make sure that you will make the right decision. If you make a mistake, you are likely to lose money.

In addition, there are many cultural differences between the western world and China, and you may lose money even if the seller is completely honest with the Chinese standard.

In the end, the best way is to hire a local purchasing agent. The purchasing agent will not only verify the existence of the suppliers, but also provide a lot of useful information, such as:

Do you have a similar supplier? Your competitors and better conditions can be purchased from them?

Does the quality of the supplier’’s raw materials have a guarantee? Purchasing agents can go to the site to check the raw materials.

Suppliers in the production process, whether the strict control of the rate of bad? Are bad products brought out alone? Purchasing agents can substitute for your presence in the factory and supervise the production and processing of goods.

Does the supplier deliver the agreed quantity of goods – a lot of the supplier’’s commitment is just trying to get the order not to assess their ability!

Do you have the goods ready for shipment? Some simple commitments can not be achieved or you can make a big loss for you due to long delays or quality problems!

The choice of goods transport channels, and the preparation of the storage of information. Purchasing agent all you need to do, to help you save freight and customs.

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