Purchasing agent development supplier basic flow

Sourcinghelper as qualified procurement agency has a strict supplier development and management processes.

Purchasing agent


1, background check, the original data collection

The supplier to provide funds as specific as possible, business licenses, products, production scale, credit certification and other related reports. The more specific the better.

2, the classification of the materials supply management system, foreign trade supplier carries on the preliminary judgment

Foreign trade purchaser to the supplier to provide the data for a specific classification, which class to these customers back to the customer, and whether it is worth to support is given, whether the positive analysis of the internal funds.

3, preliminary judgment field inspection qualified suppliers

The foreign trade of the purchaser to the supplier factory to check. Visit factory if size and they provide the basis of the data. If there are inconsistencies will not be considered.

4, focus on the sample inspection

Foreign trade purchaser requests for the samples to the supplier. Look at the size of the sample, specifications and other parameters conform to requirements.

5, technical inspection of the sample, when necessary, please test report issued by a third party structure

Foreign trade buyers through technical analysis, want to have a test part of the analysis results. Inspection including the price, quality and other is in line with the requirements.

6, sample test qualified to give a review notice and remark in the customer management system

If required, the purchaser to the supplier issued a notice of review. Meet the requirements of the supplier can supply chain into foreign trade buyers. For it is a good supplier, the first to enter the foreign trade buyers supply chains, ability is qualified to provide products and services. 

7, MOQ, price negotiations, drafting a contract
Purchaser and supplier of foreign trade in trade negotiations, in the early normal negotiations time in three months.

8, signed a contract.

 After all aspects to carry out the contract


9 availability, delivery, sample order to test the quality
The supplier start to foreign trade buyers to provide small batch products.

10, sample orders, quality check, find problems and solve the problem

Foreign trade buyers to review the supplier of the small batch products. All the small batch products must be strict experiment examination.


11, test orders by qualified suppliers
If small batch products approved, so the supplier will be added to the foreign trade for the purchaser of the product catalog


12, supplier management system and update the quotation
Supplier in foreign trade buyers catalogue, need oneself to make each directory to review, every one need to do review again, the whole process need half a year.

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