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World’s longest railway tunnel gotthard tunnel was formally opened on June 1. The 57.1 km tunnel crossing the Alps, to Switzerland uli state city esther field to ticino state of dior’s drive to shorten to less than 20 minutes.The tunnel opening ceremony held in the day, the Swiss federal chairman John schneider – Oman, said the gotthard tunnel opening, not only shorten the distance of the people across the Alps, and let between Switzerland and the European civil transportation become more convenient. The tunnel is of great significance to Switzerland, will also make great contribution to the European transport hub is completed. The massive project was a big adventure.


In 1992, the Swiss are agreed to build a series of crossing the Alps, including gotthard railway tunnel project. In 1998, the Swiss are again by referendum, agreed to Switzerland by setting up a special fund to solve the problem of tunnel construction capital source.

According to the Swiss federal railway company, head of the department of international freight, gotthard tunnel is located in the north and south of Europe’s busiest freight corridor. The tunnel opening will greatly shorten the transportation time, increase along the railway transportation capacity, economic development is of great significance to Europe.

Swiss gotthard railway tunnel have to mention the time points:


The most advanced mining equipment

The 57 km north-south gotthard tunnel to the flat. Some parts of the way, the height of the tunnel with external peak vertical distance up to 2300 meters, are comparable to those obtained with earth’s deepest mines.

Mountains stone use German Herrenknecht AG, the world’s most advanced manufacturing equipment, it can build different types of hard and soft rocks, and with one million tons of rock by chipping off, tunnel still must be stable and not collapsed, this is a really engineering challenge cannot be underestimated.

Construction of the precise budget


According to a report in the Chinese report, deutsche welle gotthard total cost 12.2 billion Swiss francs (11 billion euros), remove the inflation factor, only 21% more than the budget. But the actual cost of the large European traffic construction projects on average 27% of the budget.

The project manager is responsible for simonyi, also thinks big projects like gotthard tunnel in advance, it is difficult to make accurate cost estimates, reason including technology are changing, and it is impossible to predict all the geological conditions.

The project to promote the most important person moritz, Ian berg


Moritz, Ian berg was born in 1946, since 1995, a former federal environment, transportation, energy and communications minister. He will step down at the end of October 2010.

His performance in the aspect of transport policy is particularly prominent. Switzerland in the aspect of public transport, especially rail traffic – win high reputation.

He important project to include le odd mountain during his tenure of office and two baseline gotthard tunnel, alpine Shinkansen railway project. Swiss parliament passed the 19.1 billion Swiss francs ($18.7 billion) in the project budget. With the aid of four referendums, los Ian berg project approved by the voters.

The minister also made progress in the road, to the building of the new highway. But he rejected Labour a koda highway tunnel. In the civil aviation policy, he and Germany were attacked in Zurich airport dispute handling.

The effects of gotthard tunnel:


Gotthard shortened the distance of the Europe, north and south


Milan as the suburbs of Zurich? As the gotthard base tunnel opened with the whole line completed, especially cut inside mountain (Monte Ceneri) the completion of the tunnel, the Swiss economy center and the Lombardy closer between regional capital. The train journey between the two cities take will reach within three hours (currently) for four hours.

Accelerated in southern Switzerland in the northern part of language and culture integration
Because of interest, the different perspective with personal experiences, everyone of the tunnel are intriguing. It is a barrier, separated in southern Switzerland in northern Italy and german-speaking region of rich employment opportunities. In terms of culture, lifestyle and meteorological conditions, on both sides of the gotthard has obvious difference. Through this channel also accelerated the blending of the north and south culture, language.

Strategic corridor status more obvious

Looked at in macro, gotthard line is the main channel, a crossing the Alps, is one of the most important railway corridor of European passenger and freight.
Push the tunnel for sightseeing

Even today, the benefits of the Swiss economy has felt gotthard tunnel, and it is not limited to construction projects to create jobs, along with the construction of the tunnel, and at the same time, the so-called “sightseeing tunnel hot”, the Alps, according to the shipping company since 1996, more than 1 million people dedicated to the gotthard tunnel construction site, watching the progress of the project.

Promote environmental protection


The Swiss government decided to build gotthard tunnel of the impetus has come from the concern about the environment. The guiding ideology is to let more cargo from motor transport to rail transport, from roads to underground, thus reduce the environmental pressure Alps.

The economic benefits


Passenger trains can also use gotthard, driving time between Zurich and lugano will shorten for 45 minutes.

Compared with the existing scenic mountain roads, new tunnel is more convenient and faster speed, so as to save money, so people estimate that it will expand the Alps freight and passenger traffic, and thus improve the economic benefits. After put into operation, there will be 200 to 250 vehicles a day low noise electric locomotive through the tunnel, freight volume of 40 million tons.

Plays an important role to the economy of Switzerland, to the European Union also has a very important impact on the development of the economy. The current world economic situation requires strong stimulation, railway penetration of European integration, has driven all the way. Also has a great influence for import and export trade. Purchasing agent should seize the eu market, trying to find good products and service for the customer service.

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