Shenzhen port introduced


Shenzhen’s main port is introduced

Shenzhen city is located in the pearl river mouth, east and west of the south China sea daya bay two wings. Divided into the west port area and east port area.

The west port area is located in the eastern pearl river mouth to the sea front, mainly including shekou, chiwan, mawan and east Angle of the head and fuyong port area;

East port area is located in the south China sea northwest of mirs bay, mainly including salt pans and fishing sand chung, such as hole under the port area. In addition to the inland port. What port and Hong Kong, Kowloon Peninsula across the sea.

Shenzhen is located in the pearl river delta of guangdong province in southern, shekou, chiwan, mawan, east Angle head, yantian, fuyong airport, eight sandfish chung, inland port. Port water area of 106 square kilometers, the land area of 16 square kilometers, more than 500 – ton berths, 113, including 100 production berths, 26 deep-water berths, 5 container berths. Port design integrated with capacity of 35 million tons, of which 1.4 million teu container. Terminal total length of 12965 meters, maximum anchorage capacity 7.5 ton, library field area of 1.6921 million square meters, about 800 units handling machinery.

western port area

shekou (SCT, SK)

General situation

Shekou is located in the pearl river mouth on the east of shenzhen special economic zone shekou peninsula south end, the goal of the south China sea entering the choke points of the south China region, convenient: water from 3.5 nm, New Territories, Hong Kong 25 miles away from macau, zhuhai, the pearl river water system are connected to the guangdong and guangxi; Land by dredging port avenue into the arterial road in southern China, the port railway and beijing-kowloon railway and then into the national railway network; From the shenzhen international airport 30 km. Annual capacity 15 million tons, with capacity of 500000 teu container years, traffic capacity 5 million person-time.

Shekou can berth more than 10 tons of ship at the same time, maximum anchorage 10 ton bulk carrier, anchorage can berth 12.5 ton bulk carrier, is an important food, building materials distribution center in south China and domestic trade container transshipment port, and has the largest passenger terminal in shenzhen area.

The main port operations

1, bulk cargo business:

Food, chemical fertilizer, scrap steel, ore, feed, cement and other large bulk cargo loading and unloading; Steel, wood, stone, mechanical and electrical equipment, and other various pieces of cargo loading and unloading; Bulk chemical fertilizer, food, feed GuanBao and ShuYun; Content extremely heavy loading and unloading of goods; Import coil transport.

2, container business

Provides the high quality of container loading and unloading, and storage services, spelling and unpacking services, container road haulage service, and help the port unit check box. Foreign trade container services: open the shekou – Hong Kong liner everyday, everyday goods, and provide job in Hong Kong, affiliated to Hong Kong MTL, HIT, closed container; Provide transit through Hong Kong to all over the world container shipping services; The specialist is responsible for the customs declaration, inspection declaration, implements the “one-stop” service; Now cooperation with shekou shipping companies are: MAERSK, K LINE, PIL, says there, CNC, KANWAY, CCNI, DELMAS, etc. Domestic trade container service: from shekou to Shanghai, nanjing, Qingdao, tianjin, dalian, xiamen, guangzhou, haikou and other national coastal and inland river port of nearly 30 years of domestic trade container liner routes; Provide the coastal domestic trade container liner consultation, booking service; To carry out the modern third party logistics services; Undertake domestic trade of goods, and provide the entire responsibility “one-stop” service; Port container services.

chiwan (CCTS, the CW)

Chiwan port connected to the two mawan port is shenzhen port, located in nanshan district, shenzhen city, guangdong province, shenzhen special economic zone of the People’s Republic of China shekou peninsula. Chiwan port and mawan port, shekou, shenzhen bay port is part of the western shenzhen port wharf, most of all by China merchants international indirect holdings.

Chiwan port at the top of the shenzhen special economic zone in southern China in the west of the peninsula, is located in the pearl river mouth, east longitude 113 ° 53 ‘, north latitude 22 ° 28 ‘near 20 miles from Hong Kong in. From zhuhai and Macao in 50 nm, water, land, about 150 km from guangzhou. Chiwan port surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces a “U” shaped harbour, near the water channel, multimodal transport, is an inland river ships and ocean water depth of ship can berth river harbor.

Channel: the channel length of 1000 meters, channel depth – 11 meters.

Berth: Hong Kong coastline of 2716.15 meters long, multi-function bulk cargo berth 7, the maximum depth of wharf apron is 13 meters, can be straight by 60000 tons of bulk carrier; Three super panama container berths, the maximum depth of wharf apron – 16 meters, can be straight by 6000 teu ship.


Mawan shenzhen bay port is one of the four major deepwater port in shenzhen, is an important part of the west port area, it has more than three kilometers of deepwater coastline, backed by the south oil development zone. South oil development zone is a collection of industrial, trade, real estate, finance, information, tourism as one of the development zone, with 23 square kilometers of the vast hinterland, road traffic is very convenient. Mawan port near the alum stone channel, there are both suitable for port construction of deepwater coastline and is suitable for the construction of storage and broad district-port, lingang industrial development of deepwater transshipment port and cargo hub advantageous conditions, is an ideal port development pivotal ports. In terms of the mawan build superior to shekou and chiwan port conditions.

Da Chan Bay Terminal, DCW

Shenzhen bay port positioning for the industrialization of shenzhen large container port, will become a shenzhen container transport, one of the main port is given priority to with main container ocean shipping, to two or morethings JinYang, routes, relying on the port logistics park in the rear of the develop the integrated logistics.

The port is the geographical position

Port is located in the eastern pearl river mouth and the shenzhen baoan district, bordering “deep before the sea port of modern service industry zone,” back to south China and the pearl river delta economic hinterland.

East port

yantian port (YICT)

Yantian port is shenzhen port, the superior quality, most of the world’s second largest port in China have a shipping company are Hang straight lines, especially that of European and American airlines shipping company is the most densely populated.

Developers of yantian port is yantian port group, the group is a large state-owned enterprises, the shenzhen city was originally established in January 1985 as the shenzhen east peng industry, in 1994 changed its name to shenzhen yantian port group co., LTD. Major shareholders in yantian port group, shenzhen investment management company, is the head of shenzhen city infrastructure, real estate in the field of large state-owned investment company. Yantian port group authorized by shenzhen municipal government, responsible for the unified planning, construction, management, management of yantian port area and the rear zone, taking construction of yantian international transshipment port, the port services and the mission of the satellite city construction. Its business scope includes port development and management, the development and operation of warehousing and other supporting service facilities, dredging port railway operation and management, dredging port tunnels, roads and other infrastructure construction and management, etc.

Shenzhen yantian port co., LTD

Shenzhen yantian port group co., LTD. Started with 800000 yuan, more than 20 years relying on the excellent natural and geographical conditions, take advantage of the policy of the shenzhen special economic zone, the implementation of highly marketable port development mode, after startup, joint venture to build the port, rapid development stage of development, has grown into a comprehensive logistics and port construction investment, port supporting services to large enterprise groups.

Since open port, yantian port container throughput continues to grow, has become the country’s largest single port container throughput, is currently China ocean container liner the highest density of single container terminal.

In October 1993, yantian port group with Hong Kong, li ka-shing’s hutchison whampoa yantian port investment company joint venture yict, invest 6 billion development and operation of phase I and ii yantian port container terminal. Owns 30% of yantian port group, hutchison whampoa, with a 70% stake. Visible, yantian port superior natural conditions and strategic geographical location have been all know, li ka-shing, virtually yantian port as the port international container transshipment business strategic reserve. In 2005, li ka-shing’s subsidiary companies in shenzhen yantian port phase iii project, its 65% stake.

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