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Virtual reality is one of the hottest concepts in 2016. The rise of VR, it can be said that the development of the Internet technology industry chain and the increasing demand for interactive entertainment products. The opportunity comes, hardware vendors already ahead of the force, entrepreneurs also have rise in rebellion, the mainstream of the world’s Internet companies also began to layout in the VR, for world class company, layout of the VR has a more far-reaching significance. This means not only the rise of an industry, large companies are more to consider is how the VR technology to other industries bring upgrade and bring changes to people’s life.

On currently available 14 models popular VR glasses from the aspects of hardware parameters, the amount of content, price and the market influence and significance of are analyzed, and every analyst from the consumer point of view recommendations for these products are weighted, VR glasses recommended top speed transit Research Institute analyst team by.

Google Cardboard can be said to achieve the ultimate virtual reality glasses. A simple cardboard box on the realization of the basic functions of VR glasses, you can say to the market a number of features a single VR glasses products a loud slap in the face. Although comfort greatly reduced, but still can not deny that Cardboard Google is currently on the market price is also the most expensive VR devices, as long as the cost of $15 will be able to.

Sony Playstation VR as at present and a heavyweight VR products, in the design of light outside, 120Hz refresh rate also leapfrogged the HTC vive become the market, although slightly less than 100 degrees of visual angle, the eyes with resolution of 1920×1080. In addition, there is a solid foundation for PS4 to lay the foundation, VR PS also does not lack the content of the game. The introduction of the headset, the handle, Camera PS, as well as the gift of the game package offer as long as 3200 yuan or so. But one thing to note is that VR PS needs to be connected to the PS4 host to assist with some of the details.

Vive HTC is more accurate than a VR glasses, said a virtual reality based game equipment. It is understood, in many VR glasses, HTC vive eyes with resolution 2160×1200, 2K resolution greatly reduce the footage of the particles, the actual experience of do the real “zero vertigo”, and a supporting handle, and other ancillary equipment. And because of this product is a well-known game developer valve company jointly issued, the controller positioning system lighthouse used is valve’s patent, it does not need with the aid of the camera, but by the laser and the photosensitive sensor to determine the position of the moving object and future in content, especially game content does not have trouble back at home. Of course, such a high quality products offer a lot of money, the price of 5200 yuan package so that people can not help but a tight pocket.

Razer OSVR is actually Razer launched the new head mounted product platform, its first own products is hacker dev kit, although the samples both the effect of wear, or visual effect is very general, but has strong compatibility, not only compatible oculus rift of the second generation development kit, Linux and Android any experimental virtual reality software are compatible. The hardware and software of the OSVR unique all open source, I believe the future will be made in the content of certain advantages. And the price of $200 VR devices are similar products in the cheap.

Oculus rift screen resolution and refresh rate and HTC vive matched, but also 2160×1200 eyes with resolution, as well as 90hz refresh frequency. Although there are supporting body sensing controller but need to be purchased separately, the bonus only Xbox game handle, for PC is required 8g ram is in the highest, by tracing the constellation tracking technology. In terms of content is still a little short, and look forward to more can be supported by the quality of. Book price is about 3900 yuan.

Sulon Q AMD is the Sulon joint VR development of AMD equipment, which is a completely independent operation of the device, not only to achieve VR function, but also with the AR function. The eyes of the visual angle resolution of up to 2560×1440110, equipped with AMD FX-88 processor, 8G RAM and 256G SSD memory. Advanced space computing unit with Sulon, real-time tracking of the player’s movement and gestures. Can also let the Windows window translucent display in the environment. Because it is one machine, in the component and comfort may be a little discount, but only from the configuration is full of expectations.

Meizu style VR is Meizu and domestic VR vendor extension as the technology to launch, and similar domestic VR glasses difference is bigger, the reason is the framework uses the same board environmental protection material, weight only 102 grams. Depth-VR comes with an independent SDK, can provide users with the use of content, and comes with the gravity module, image anti distortion calibration and other functions. And the price is only 59 yuan, a record low of mobile phone VR glasses.

Storm mirror can be understood as a mobile peripherals, can through the mobile phone to realize VR effect with the storm developed specialized mirror application. Part of the product can adjust the focal length, and also equipped with a Bluetooth handle, and phone connection can be achieved on the phone screen control. Compared with the bland hardware, windstorm image sound in terms of content occupy the advantage of “gene”, it is understood, storm mirror exclusive application platform contains 70 games, and 18000 video resources, which has more than 300 panoramic video / game. 199 yuan market price to see the content, it is more cost-effective.

Ling mirror white is a suitable mobile phone immersive VR glasses, 90 degrees of visual angle slightly narrow, equipped with can assist the operation of the Bluetooth handle, and a mirror world, such as the theater and other software to help push the contents of the software. And can adjust the interpupillary distance and distance. Is a more basic VR glasses, rather than the price of 199.2 yuan of storm mirror.

Samsung VR Gear is a joint production of Oculus and VR mobile terminal equipment, mainly to the use of Social Oculus’s social function. Mobile phone is mainly to support the Samsung Note 4, S6 and other models, through the front of the phone to show the contents of the VR, and experience the results of the content of the clarity and poor. Can be assisted to play some VR games, see the VR video and 3D video, etc.. A good point is that Samsung itself can provide some support in terms of content, but the price of nearly $99 is indeed a little bit out of the mind.

Music as a super helmet is also a comes with a display with a mobile terminal using the VR equipment. This application is a major highlight undoubtedly myopia mediation and the focal length of the mediation to let everyone experience clearer VR scene under the naked eye, but the resolution is flawed. Less obvious, on both sides of the mediation is not independent, eyes myopia differs greatly from that of people still can’t see clearly; doesn’t have built-in battery, and need and music as a super phone connection, although it is mobile oriented, but a power line, a data line or the people firmly bound to die. 1999 yuan to put this wearable cinema to take home is yet to be considered.

LG 360 VR this is about to be listed on the VR glasses and conventional mobile terminal VR glasses is a little different, it comes with a display, and mobile phone connection to achieve the VR experience. Resolution is only 960×720, mainly to watch the panoramic video and digital 3D movies, etc.. But LG 360 VR must be connected to the G5 mobile phone to use. Reportedly, this device is $199.99 price and similar products depending on the super helmet indeed slightly lower compared to the, but still do not have necessary to start.

3Glasses D2 of the weight is relatively similar VR glasses belongs to a portable, resolution of 1920×1080 can also accept, visual range reached 125 degrees, higher than 110 degree view of similar VR glasses, but only 60Hz refresh rate may cause some wearing the head dizziness and discomfort, head tracking sensor is gyroscope, Aceleromter, Magnetometer, but no camera tracking, for the use of visual experience. So if you are going to start a more high-end VR devices, the 1999 yuan is really no need to spend.

Dapeng M2 is Dapeng company Samsung arm, jointly launched a one machine, 75Hz refresh rate is still low compared to, 96 degrees angle of view also points to a narrow, although equipped with Samsung exynos 7420 processor, in cooperation with the arm and VR, the Mali GPU do rendering of massive optimization. But 3G running memory, 32G storage space is not enough to see how. The only thing to get rid of the possibility of its cooperation with the domestic game and video manufacturers to make up for the lack of content, but the price of one machine is 2999 yuan, or do not recommend starting.

In addition to the company, like X-Rover is a company specializing in the game, mainly to provide hardware support for the game. Such a game gun can be simply understood as the general game handle features attached to the gun model, and then there are some experience on the upgrade. As we all know, the current VR games on the market in addition to experience the real environment such as racing, haunted house and other outside, players most avoid shooting part, which to some extent gun game brought to the market. But even if not the VR game, ordinary PC and X-box, etc. can also be used, but the price for non gamers ordinary players inevitably somewhat prohibitive.

Of course, there are similar in cool Rui technology, Sunworld, reflecting the ink so that the company produced large VR equipment experience, this kind of equipment price mostly 10 million starts, more is to B level products, the VR experience Museum, exhibition halls and other places provide virtual reality experience solutions. The cool Rui technology at present, there are mainly cars, aircraft two product experience, Sunworld has a haunted house and a shooting game, a higher participation of players and the game. Ink technology is the biggest bright spot is that its location to capture, to support the player in a certain area of mobile.

In addition to such as VR hit, 3D box this key in the VR contents manufacturers. However, because of such giants Baidu has been aimed at VR content market, so although you can provide content and distribution, but trying to compete with Baidu or a forlorn hope.

Speed transit Research Institute senior analyst Li Guoqi although many domestic manufacturers have aimed at the VR market, but apparently domestic VR products both hardware and content are far inferior to the overseas several big brand products, even cheating suspicion. The only advantage is the content of the quantity, but the content of the quality is not dare to compliment. Good point is VR is in the initial stage of development, toss is always better than not toss. Future VR can applications will be greatly expanded except for entertainment, politics, military affairs, medical treatment, scientific research, education, business office, and so on many areas of VR arena, so in the VR market ecological layout, regardless of the quality is good or bad to accounted for in advance to seat is always good.


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