United States ban to import balance scooter

The United States under the ban to balance the car to finish? China manufacturing how to counter attack?

Recently, the United States International Trade Commission issued a ban, and may make a large number of Chinese car balance cross-border sellers wrinkled brow. The ban pointed out that the United States will be prohibited imports infringing the Segway automatic balance technology patent “personal transportation vehicle, including a scooter or similar smart balance equipment.

In this regard, there are foreign media said that the current balance of the majority of the production of infringing products companies from China and other countries, the United States International Trade Commission has named 13 companies to investigate.


Some industry insiders believe that intellectual property rights for the United States, is a against competitors, China has most of the science and technology innovation ability is not high in the balance of the car manufacturers, they in face of the overseas market import patent investigation and can not recover after a setback. Then, the balance of the car business, it will sit still?


Balance of the car cross-border exports Amazon export of the balance of the car manufacturing in China repeatedly rebuffed actually, according to billion state power network, this is not the balance of the car out sea for the first time on the wall. In December 11th last year, the Amazon Co to products on suspicion of patent infringement and quality issues, forced off the shelf of the Chinese enterprises in the sale of all electric balance car products on the Amazon website. According to the Council of the China Council for the promotion of international trade of Guangdong Province revealed vice president Luo Bingzhi. The incident spread hundreds of enterprises in Guangdong, involving tens of billions of RMB. To add insult to injury, at the end of December last year, the United States Postal issued regulations, ban the balance electric cars (including single wheel and double wheel etc.) sent to the United States, and mail has been one of the important means of China’s cross-border electricity the seller shipped.


In addition, in February this year, the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Association for the balance of the car safety problems issued a circular, said balance of the car must meet UL2272 balance circuit system certification, safety standards, otherwise it will ban imports of such products in the United States. And now, it appears from the huge losses last year, Amazon shelf balance China car sellers bear, the United States formally to the balance of the car implementation make patent investigation, China balance of the car export business suffered negative impact will be unimaginable. Why is the crux of China’s manufacturing from the Amazon under the balance car incident to the United States to carry out patent investigation, the Chinese sellers are in such a passive state?


On this issue, billion state power network connection to British Stewart technology consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. CEO Howell Wang, British Stewart has been engaged in overseas enterprises and export enterprises in China to help build intelligent hardware products supply chain consulting work, and Howell Wang himself also in terms of investment in China’s manufacturers have experienced. He said for the balance of the car manufacturing most of the enterprise is a public module, module in accordance with the direct assembly will manufacture finished products, production costs are very low, but the lack of the their own core technology, thus vulnerable to other enterprises to make use of intellectual property to combat. ”


So, for the manufacturing industry, to avoid the risk of infringement, must go to think of ways to develop their own technology.” Howell said, just like the cottage phone why is called the cottage, largely because they are using IC design firm’s module to do the product, they only provide a process of assembly. Rather than HUAWEI, they used their own research and development of the chip, there is its own core technology in it.”


In addition, Howell also pointed out that the Chinese manufacturers only focus on how to avoid the infringement from the appearance of the risk is a mistake. He said that the appearance is very easy to avoid infringement, as long as there are subtle details of different appearance, overseas lawyers can not sue you. Therefore, manufacturers should pay more attention to how to avoid the infringement on the core technology.


And for the seller, Howell suggestions, for hardware products, the seller should be ahead of time to avoid the infringement problem, before the purchase should to verify the manufacturer of the product in the end is how to develop out of, instead of just looking at the price is right, do not have the security problem, began to procurement and sales of the, which will produce a great risk of infringement.

Risk means that the opportunity to do so, the current threshold of the entire overseas market to improve, in the technological innovation in the weak balance of China will have the opportunity to balance the car? Howell believes that the risk is actually means the opportunity, rather than avoiding. He pointed out that although overseas for a variety of issues in the import restrictions on the balance of the car, however, overseas market demand for the balance of the car is, there is a demand that the sales are. And because of the existence of the overseas monopoly law, it is impossible for the United States after the market alone on the balance of the balance of the car business.


So the Chinese balance car or a play, the key is to see how to solve the problem of core technology innovation. Therefore, Howell prediction, at present, because of the infringement problem lead to restricted exports of Chinese suppliers, and don’t just sit there. “They will together to form a coalition, go to do a good job in the balance of the car products, making compliance, then the balance of the car to sold overseas.”


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