• Onsite Inspection Services

    On-site inspection services
    * investigate your suppliers production capacity
    * check product quality, to ensure the specification in accordance with the law
    * to ensure that the goods are actually be shipped and loaded into the container
    * provide a standards-based inspection report
    * like you come to China to save your cost and time greatly
    We know that there are many obstacles to order from China successfully as a foreigner/foreign company, so we design a lot of value-added services to our members.
    On-site inspection services (OI) is designed to solve the obstacles in the long journey to China, language and cultural differences. There are two types of OI services:
    (1) the factory ability test (FAI) to conduct a comprehensive ability to check your product manufacturers/suppliers, including area, qualified personnel, machinery, production process and the capacity and quality control systems, medical and fire emergency facilities, etc. Based on the factory audit report, you can ensure that the factory whether meet your requirements. If you need the sample, and we will ship to you.
    (2) the ship loading test (SLI) is to ensure that the product is actually being shipped to quantity, quality, trademark, logo, etc. Applicability of container inspection and cleaning and proper packing and loaded into the container. If you need a sample random pickup of shipping, and we will ship to you.
    OI service is like  you come to China, greatly save your time and money in the factory! We will send a site inspection report to you. OI service is very important, if you order from the new supplier or order a large number of products.
    OI service needs to be 1 to 5 working days according to the position of your suppliers; You should submit a service request OI.