• Payment Control

    Payment Control services
    Money to collect on delivery
    We have received your order before payment
    Check the goods before payment
    To solve this problem, supplier do not accept credit CARDS
    Safer than paying in advance
    We know that there are many obstacles to order from China successfully as a foreigner/foreign company, so we design a lot of value-added services to our members.
    Payment Control services, the transaction of goods in full pay cash or certified check immediately when they receive the buyer. But all Chinese suppliers don''''t accept international business, so we design the cod service our members, for your order of may in China.
    Small volume order or sample order, you can ask your China supply merchant sample or for our goods, we will check the quantity of the goods and pay money to you when we receive your package. It is more security than payment in advance.
    Most of the suppliers accept this payment mode when the goods shipped to domestic buyers. If the supplier does not accept the domestic cod, and then we can use pay treasure to third party payment service, all suppliers to accept it. If your supplier does not accept the third party payment, and then you have to be careful.
    This service has solved the problem, your Chinese supplier does not accept international credit card or wire transfer, we can pay RMB supply on your behalf.
    You should submit your cod service request to us, and to ensure that your account have enough savings to pay for the product cost and our service. You should put the freight to your account in our ship your order.
    Please notice:
    (1) For safety reason, we request that add funds to your account MUST wire transfer to our HSBC Hong Kong bank account.
    (2) We use Bank Of China website "Buying Rate" for RMB Yuan to US Dollar or other foreign currency.
    (3) If you ask for prepay to your supplier before the goods come to our warehouse, then you must bear the related risk.