• Production supervision

    Through the production process control, is the hope that the product can be in accordance with the provisions of the time, the provisions of the cost, the process is complete, the final product quantity, time, quality is to meet the requirements of the.
    So the direct control of the production process content is quality, cost, delivery and safety, is the order of the means of control, inspection, supervision and improve, first issued a the instructions and standards, then is the examination and supervision of the process, check whether or not in accordance with the plan for a specified time and the number of, check whether the process in accordance with the requirements of production, check whether in accordance with the requirements of the cost of production, check whether the safety in accordance with the requirements of production. Finally, the performance of the production of statistical analysis, to meet the requirements of the content to analyze the reasons for the implementation of the responsibility to require the responsible departments to improve.
    Production process adjustment means, can be issued to the scheduling order or the production scheduling will be held, a variety of production meetings to regulate.