Typical Customers

Sourcing Helper's customers spread over various industries. More and more wholesaler and group purchaser now prefer to use Sourcing Helper as their first choices, for its advantages of best quality, security, better price,Logistics & Customs Declaration and the like. They love the extreme user experience that Sourcing Helper has provided them. Let us learn about them.


Product:VR box /smart watch
Words:With your help to control the delivery and quality, I feel very relaxed. thanks

Product:LED lights/ bluetooth speaker /the other product
Words:Sourcing Helper gives me big support . I am so happy to get the exw price and they could help me control the quality . thank you very much . Even some of my friend need this service.

Product:VR box /Car pallet/car holder/ e cigarette
Words:First contact, I found that the price is really low. So far, cooperation is very happy, I will continue to choose to cooperate. thank you

Product:e cigarette /e liquid/Bluetooth remote control aircraft
Words:Alibaba here have a lot of traders, in order to maximize the benefits, the results have a lot of poor quality suppliers. Sourcing Helper provide a quality assurance supplier, which is very important for our shopping center , thanks

Product:Bluetooth remote control aircraft/VR products/smart product
Words:Our goal is: to make life more intelligent. For the India market, the best price is very important. Thank Sourcing Helper Team for giving us the cheapest suppliers

Product:Paper display rack, wooden display rack, acrylic display rack, glass display
Words:For customized products, we need a lot of time to communicate, especially in the other party does not understand the premise of english. Thanks Sourcing Helper very much, they did very well in communication

Product:Promotional products, stickers, magnets
Words:By Sourcing Helper services, delivery is more secure. The most important the price is very cheap. thanks

Product:Solar energy charging treasure, solar energy product
Words:SourcingHelper’s inspection service let me feel good . Raw materials, as well as the finished product, carried out a detailed inspection , Just like I am in China.It is good.

Product:bags,toys etc
Words:For me, the quanlity is very important . Since I worked with SourcingHelper ,  I have reduced the number of times I went to China . This is very convenient for me .

Product:Fashion clothes ,etc
Words:From the price negotiation, design, production, delivery, customs, SourcingHelper team helps me get all the things, is so convenient. And let me trust them very much

Name:Heidi Klum
Product:Clothes ,shoes etc
Words:Shoes, clothes, seasonal demand is very high, each season has a lot of new, which requires a lot of energy to complete. When styles, prices, suppliers are a lot of times, you will feel very crash, so the procurement agent is very important. thank for SourcingHelper team.

Product:Flavor essence
Words:The quality of food processing requirements are very high, we must ensure food safety. There is a Chinese agent, you can supervise the production and transportation of flavor. I feel great, and the price is very cheap.

Name:Glen brother
Product:U disk, mobile hard disk, charging treasure,usb charging line,Mobile Accessories
Words:Electronic products on the quality, prices have higher requirements, so we have to try to look at the mentality of cooperation with SourcingHelper. The results are really good, we will expand the product line, the cooperation will continue. thanks so much

Product:Promotional products/gift product
Words:Promotion product demand is very big, the purchase delivery period is very high and the price is very low. Alibaba above the price is very high, so find SourcingHelper, all aspects of us are very satisfied. It is very professional.

Product:Hair Extension/Beauty and cosmetics/Straight hair
Words:The beauty of the people are very picky, I have a high demand for products and details. Cooperation over a lot of procurement agents, SourcingHelper is very good. Worth recommending

Product:sport product/sex toy product
Words:The team at SourcingHelper is a valuable partner and critical in our plans for building cost efficient valuable products in China. They have helped us over the past couple of years in a number of ways and we have great confidence in our ability to be successful. From travel plans to sourcing vendors and product development related services, SourcingHelper has been able to deliver.